Posted Thursday, Apr 12, 2018

An emergency kit for your vehicle is one of those things that you don’t think about…until it’s too late.  Omega Automotive Sales & Service won’t let you wonder what to put in your emergency kit.  Use the Omega Automotive essential car kit list just in case you break down or need to help someone who is. Don’t let your auto club membership give you a false sense of security about roadside breakdowns.  Vehicle breakdowns do happen and sometimes they strike in a busy, well-lighted, cloudless, warm spot with flawless cell phone reception and a tow truck close at hand….but many don’t!  A roadside emergency kit can ease the stress, pain, reduce random swearing, & ruining the day.   Omega Automotive is giving you the essentials to stock an emergency kit if you get stranded roadside. YOUR KIT SHOULD INCLUDE: Extra Phone Charger Ice Scraper & Snowbrush Jumper Cables Tire Pressure Gage Flashlight Flares Blanket Extra Clothes Gloves Snow Shovel Cat Litter Tow Strap Multi-Purpose Utility Tool Candles/Matches Tire Sealant Extra Batteries Bottled Water Dry Food Snacks Needed Medication First Aid Kit
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