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Omega Automotive is giving you money saving offers & coupons on auto repairs and service.  Regular maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your vehicle and is crucial to your car’s long life. But you shouldn’t have to spend too much for a repair or service for your automobile…that’s why we provide auto service coupons with great money-saving offers. Omega Automotive’s NAPA AutoCare Center’s customers get great everyday prices but the coupons give above and beyond offers on auto service and maintenance.

Wear and tear takes a toll on vehicles and causes breakdowns. Our service technicians see vehicles come in every day that started with a simple issue but became a domino effect of problems. With earlier service & repairs, many of the problems could have been avoided. And that means a much larger expense. We offer money saving offers, rebates, & coupons to motivate customers to come in earlier…and we simply like to give our customers savings & value.





Omega Automotive’s NAPA AutoCare Center provides routine maintenance that prevents or reduces future repairs, keep us and our loved ones safe from breakdowns and is ONLY $24.95!




$15 to $25 Prepaid Visa® Card

Offer Expires August 31, 2018

Summer driving can take the life out of your battery, alternator and starter.  Visit Omega Automotive’s NAPA AutoCare Center, for an electrical checkup & NAPA will send you a $15 to $25 Prepaid Visa Card on installed qualifying products.

PLUS, with your redeemed rebate, NAPA will donate $3 to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. AND get details on how you can join the mission to support local military families.

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